Fighting Fibromyalgia: One Day at a Time.

My name is Hannah. I have been living with Fibromyalgia since I was 16, I am now 21. This is my day-to-day life with information about Fibromyalgia to help spread awareness.

I'm was a lifeguard,
I love animals,
I'm going to school to be a Medical lab technician,
I love to draw/write, but I rarely can think of anything,
& I like meeting new people, and knowing I'm not alone in this fight.

Ask me anything you'd like to know :] I'm an open book.
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I will now be a pharmacy tech for Walgreens. And not the Walgreens I was talking about yesterday. It’s a nicer one across town. I am so excited. A job I actually WANTED, and I GOT IT! I was freaking out all night last night about the fact that it had been almost a week and I had heard nothing back from them. PHEW! That’s one less thing to stress about.

On a Fibromyalgia note:

My whole body aches. Usually there is some type of lame reason for the aches and pains, but there isn’t. Fun thing about Fibromyalgia: it’s unpredictable!

Finals weeks starts tomorrow! AHHH! My lab practical for Kinesiology is tomorrow, then I have a presentation in Comp I on Tuesday, and my Kinesiology lecture final Wednesday. Phew… not many finals, but Kinesiology is so stressful and difficult. Wish me luck!

On the other hand… I worked Friday-Sunday, open to close again. It wasn’t too bad but my legs and feet hurt bad for no reason. I wasn’t even standing all day the past two days. The arch in my foot hurts pretty bad.. with a sharp pain and my inner thighs hurt like I did squats or something (which I didn’t lol). My brain fog is bad and my head has been hurting… AND my sugar levels have been dropping more frequently. It usually only happens like once a month, and it’s happened every day this weekend! Crazy stuff. Probably my stress.

Me and my roommate got into two huge screaming matches. I absolutely hate that dumb, nasty bitch. I can’t wait to get out of this house. All she does is sit on her ass in front of the damn tv, and it pisses me off. I’d like to not have to be in my room all god damn day. She can go to hell. I don’t need the extra stress. It makes me life miserable.

ugh, i had a great night. I was able to finally smoke (it’s been about 2 months, or more). I feel great. The pain and worries faded away. I forgot how good it feels! I’ve been so tired of all the lies and drama surrounding me. Is it that hard to be honest nowadays? I just don’t get it.¬†

I’m so glad my fiance is honest with me. We have always been honest with each other and it has been great. I don’t know what I’d do without him. It’s been really tough with him back home. It’s only been like two weeks since I’ve seen him, but it feels like a lifetime. It’s going to be so hard when he goes off to the¬†air force. But, he will be my airman, and I will support him every second. I love him so much. I never thought I could love someone this much. He makes me feel whole, and better.¬†

Well, I’m going to be changing my major. After being in my Intro to OTA class, I have realized that it isn’t for me. I just don’t think it will work out how I want it. So, now i’ll be majoring in Lab Technician. I’m pretty excited about this change. I just hope my stress levels can go down.

Clubbing killed my left knee and right ankle, but I still had a blast. I’ve had a weird headache on my right temple all day, and it has been killing me. I hope it all goes away!

How is everyone?

I’m tired of the stress, I’m going clubbing with the girls tonight. Yeah, I may hurt tomorrow.. or probably longer, but it will be worth it.¬†

The depression is getting to me and I don’t know what to do with myself. I need to get myself in gear. I NEED to get a job, but I don’t have the energy right now. I don’t know what to do.. I feel so helpless. I don’t know how I’m going to handle the extra work! I need to find a job, first.¬†

AHH I’m freaking out. I have my A&P II lecture final tomorrow, and then my Lab final on Thursday… along with my Introduction to Health Care final. My A&P II finals are what i’m completely worried about. There is so much to know and master! And, I have to have a B- or better in the class to get into the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. If I don’t get into the program, I might end up going to another campus to study to be a Medical Laboratory Technician (I love cells :]). But, I still need a good grade in A&P II. And, I have a 5-8 page paper due in my Abnormal Psychology class on Thursday. I’m definitely feeling the stress in my joints :/ Wish me luck (or shoot me now lol)!

Okay, so I’m stressed out. My boyfriend has to move back home because of his horrible, bitch of a mother. And, I have finals next week. I just want all this to go away. I probably have a UTI and my uncle died on Tuesday. This has been a horrendous week! Not to mention my Fibro symptoms are going crazy!

I feel like everything is spiraling down… And i can’t do anything about it. I hate feeling this pain and i just want it gone. I felt the worst hip pain that i have EVER experienced 2 days ago. I had to take vicodin (which is my roommates.. With her permission). I have never taken vicodin in my life. And I wad definitely high from it. Now it is all i fucking want. Or i want to drink… Something. I’m going to the doctor during break and my mom wants more tests done for a second opinion :/ i really don’t want that. I want pain meds! Good fucking pain meds! Now I’m depressed and stressed. Just what i need. Damn it all!

I am STRESSIN’!! I have done so much homework, just for one class that I just want to cry! The sad part is, one of my super time consuming and long homework assignments is only 7 points! But, today I woke up with a horrible pain on the right side of my hip. I couple barely walk. I was literally limping everywhere I walked for the first half of the day. I never limp when I’m in pain, because I refuse… but today was so bad. But, I am happy. I am not happy about how things went with my boyfriend (I did break up with him a couple days ago) but I am moving on. I feel at peace with the situation, whether he does or not. I do love him, but it just wasn’t going to work. I did meet a guy a little over a week ago, and he is so nice. He makes sure I’m okay all the time, and even did the dishes at my house today. And, makes me food or brings it to me and my roommates. Everyone loves him! I don’t know where things are going, but that’s okay.¬†

I had my college success class and my anatomy class today. I wanted to fall asleep in my anatomy class because it was so boring, and it was in an¬†auditorium so the seats were kind of comfy. And it was so hot the whole time. I’ve been having a hard time today because my throat/mouth are really dry and it makes me want to gag/throw up. I don’t know what my problem is. I have had a sore throat the past couple days, and I wonder if that has something to do with it. But, it could also have something to do with the fact that I started new birth control last night. I just hope this doesn’t last too long. I am also getting sick, which isn’t what I need right now. My fibro is still really kicking me in the ass, but I’m hoping that once I get into things and stop stressin’ so much, I’ll get better. Fingers Crossed!¬†

So, I moved to college. I’m in a townhouse with 3 roommates. So far, I love them to death. I’ve been having a good time, so far. But, classes haven’t started yet. I’ve been having a fibro flare the past couple days because of stress. And, I really hope my piercing isn’t getting infected; since it hurts more than it has been. Just not unbearable, or anything. My depression has been pretty bad, too. So, I’ve just been a little low the past two days. I don’t know how to handle it right now. I really hope this gets better… SOON!

How is everyone?

Wow, I’m moving to another state in THREE DAYS! So much left to do, and I’m super nervous, yet so excited! I got my¬†cartilage pierced on my left ear last night, and I LOVE IT! surprisingly it didn’t hurt and it doesn’t hurt unless I touch it… but still not very much. I hung out with my best guy friend today and of course he says he likes me and wishes he could be with me (I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years). So this is all too much stress for me to deal with right now. He’s a great guy, and I would have dated him any time that I was single… but he never chose then to tell me he likes me. This kind of sucks. But, ¬†I love my boyfriend, and so far I’m very happy. We’ll see how this goes!¬†¬†

Pain-wise… My back is killing me from my lower back up my neck. I really don’t want this right now. I hope I can sleep well tonight.

I have so much to do before I leave on Wednesday for college. Just tomorrow I have to go get a ¬†part out of a car at the junk yard for mine, go to my high school to pick something up, pack some more, Hang out with my friend TJ, and then hang out with my step-mom… AHHHH! And that is all supposed to happen tomorrow :/ riiight.

I still have quite a bit of packing/cleaning to do. And, I haven’t even done that today… even though I was planning on it. I have to get a hair cut and spend time with my boyfriend this weekend. AHHH! I really hope my car gets completely fixed before I leave :/ And I need to call the college for workstudy crap.

I had no idea that I would get so stressed out. I think I am getting a stupid cold sore! I really hope the weekend with my boyfriend will help me out a bit. Because I feel like I’m dying.

How is everyone else doing?