Fighting Fibromyalgia: One Day at a Time.

My name is Hannah. I have been living with Fibromyalgia since I was 16, I am now 21. This is my day-to-day life with information about Fibromyalgia to help spread awareness.

I'm was a lifeguard,
I love animals,
I'm going to school to be a Medical lab technician,
I love to draw/write, but I rarely can think of anything,
& I like meeting new people, and knowing I'm not alone in this fight.

Ask me anything you'd like to know :] I'm an open book.
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I am in a great mood, and I’m not even sure why lol. I hurt pretty bad and nothing good is really happening… but I’m happy. Maybe this is just a one day thing. Who knows. I finished my antibiotics yesterday and my throat is still swollen, but the white spots are about gone. And, the antibiotics will still be in my system for a few more days. So, hopefully this is the last of the strep! My fish got ick and now I’m down to two fish :/ it’s sad because I spent a good amount of money on these fish, and I actually enjoyed them lol. I guess I’ll wait until this treatment is completely over and get more. 

Tomorrow I’ll be going on a date with a guy I’ve seen a couple times. He’s a bit older, but his personality is amazing. We click so well, and things are just going really good. I have no idea what is going to come out of it, but that’s part of the fun. 

On Thursday I will be going home for the weekend. Well, I’ll be home and then I’m going to help them move some stuff to the new house 3 hours south of where they are now… So “home” is going to be a 6 hour drive after this weekend :/ kind of sucks because I was at the house for 10 years and that’s the longest I was ever at a house. But, I guess I’m never going back anyway. I’ll just be sleeping on a couch on visits :P

I’m still getting over my strep. For some reason I’m not feeling better, which doesn’t make sense. I’ve been taking my antibiotics as directed about 5 days now. This is ridiculous. I want to feel better.



Yeah, I finally found a walk-in clinic and they did a rapid strep test. I definitely have strep. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait it out. That would have ended badly. I’m a little worried because I’ve either had abdominal pain or nauseousness the past two days. Hopefully nothing spread. I really can’t afford anything worse. I’m on Amoxicillin 875 tablets, which I don’t think my pharmacy even carries. But, I went to the one closer to me (not the one I work at). And he put me on Tylenol/codeine #3 since my lymph nodes are so swollen - it’s painful. it could be the tylenol that is making me feel so queasy. I’m not sure. I drove to my class (an hour away) at 7:30 am and ended up leaving my class at 10:30 am because I felt like total crap. Then I slept till 2:30 after I got home. Then went to work. I felt okay then because I was so busy that I don’t have time to be sick. Now I’m back to feeling like total shit. I think I felt better before all the meds lol.

I thought I was getting over whatever I have a couple days ago.. But today my throat has been on fire and my joints are killing me. My right thigh has been cramped up for the past 2 days, and I don’t know why. It hurts so bad, like I pulled it (but I haven’t). I’m going to find a doctor and hopefully get in Thursday before my night class. Maybe I’ll talk to the doc about meds for my fibro. We will see. I’m so tired of being sick!!

Well, I’ve been sick for over a week now. It’s just some crappy cold. I got some sudafed and that didn’t work so I got some advil cold and sinus. It has helped a little bit. The main symptom is a major sinus headache and painfully swollen lymphnodes. Ugh. Hopefully I get over this soon. Having a weak immune system sucks…

Yeah, so I feel like total shit. My throat is still on fire, and my nose is completely stuffed. GAHH! My night was horrible because it took me forever to fall asleep (even after a melatonin) and then I probably woke up ever half hour. Psh! I need more meds now :]

well, my babe got to come visit me Wednesday - Sunday. we had a great time and now we’re ENGAGED! I’m so happy :D. but, he was also sick at this time… so now I’m sick. My throat was on FIRE when I woke up this morning. I was miserable during class and then got some cold/flu pills from Walgreens (which I needed my ID for). I’ve been taking those all day. Now, instead of a sore throat.. I have a super stuffy/runny nose.. I’d rather have a sore throat at this point lol. I’ve been having hot flashes and chills the past two days, as well. and I’ve been sore all over.. Boo.

How is everyone doing?

Today, at around 5-6 a.m. I woke up feeling the overwhelming urge to puke my guts out. Of course, I didn’t at the time. It took my a while to fall back asleep and for my stomach to feel a little normal. Before that I had only around 3 hours of sleep because of a headache that kept me up. Then I went to class, and instantly felt that damn feeling again, along with cold sweats (cold skin, but sweating really bad). I barely made it to the bathroom at the beginning of class, puked my guts out (first ever in public), took my test, left and puked AGAIN while driving (good thing I had a brown paper bag lol), so then I slept and my babe got home and brought me squirt, I slept some more… and now all those feelings are gone… okay?? Now my tummy feels empty :[ boo. I absolutely hate these violent attacks of tummy problems.

My nose is all runny and I’m sneezing like crazy. I still have the same headache from a week or so ago, as well. So, I took cold meds this morning, and guess what?! I’m worse than before. This always happens to me :/ I hate having a shitty immune system.

Yep, I’m sick. My head, throat, stomach, and everything else hurts, and my nose is all stuffy. AHH! I have my A&P Lap Practical tomorrow and I can’t do shit!! :[ I need all the luck I can get, at this point.

The pain has gotten worse throughout the day. I woke up with a sore throat because I was getting sick from my meds yesterday morning. I got sick about a dozen times, it wasn’t fun at all. So, today I had the sore throat, and a bad headache that I’ve had for about a week, and then I started getting pain in my right shoulder :[ No fun. I woke up at about 1:30, ate, and went back to bed at 3 and woke up at 5. Then I ate a little bit of dinner. I haven’t been able to eat much at a time (a serving size) because my stomach shrunk from getting sick and not eating yesterday. Ugh, I just want to feel better.

I’m still sick (not surprising). And I feel like I got hit by a truck.. over and over… and over. I didn’t want to wake up today, but I had my A&P lecture final :[ But, I got that over with (85%). Now, I am eating ramen (survival of a college kid), and then I’m taking a very long… much needed nap :] With my babe, of course. I love him so much, and he has been so helpful and supportive. Even when I’m coughing my lungs out right next to him in bed… he’s still there wanting to know if I’m okay and if I need anything. He’s such a sweetheart. 

Yep, I’m sick. I lost my voice yesterday. It’s pretty much back to normal today, but it still feels a little scratchy. I haven’t lost my voice that bad in a long time. I just feel flemmy now. My throat doesn’t feel too bad and I’m not that stuffy. My back has been hurting. I have a nasty knot by my right shoulder blade, and it won’t go away! But, otherwise, I’m doing great. My babe and I are doing great. We are even talking about apartments when we get jobs. I like the direction that things are headed in. And, he is very attentive to my needs and my pain. That is something I needed, and I’m happy I got him! 

I had my college success class and my anatomy class today. I wanted to fall asleep in my anatomy class because it was so boring, and it was in an auditorium so the seats were kind of comfy. And it was so hot the whole time. I’ve been having a hard time today because my throat/mouth are really dry and it makes me want to gag/throw up. I don’t know what my problem is. I have had a sore throat the past couple days, and I wonder if that has something to do with it. But, it could also have something to do with the fact that I started new birth control last night. I just hope this doesn’t last too long. I am also getting sick, which isn’t what I need right now. My fibro is still really kicking me in the ass, but I’m hoping that once I get into things and stop stressin’ so much, I’ll get better. Fingers Crossed! 

this headache is a BEAST. It’s one of those where just moving your eyeballs hurts. It might be because I was clenching my jaw all yesterday at work OR because I’m getting sick. I thought my throat was hurting just because of yelling all the time, but I’m beginning to think it’s more than that. Headache, swollen lymph nodes, hurt jaw/teeth, and super sore… yep sounds like my Mono is coming back, again. I hate this!! The whole reason why I have Fibro also hurts me in the long run by reoccurring.